What's 3X Focus?

It's a simple idea for changing habits, reaching goals and improving productivity in both LIFE and BUSINESS.

Let's face it, whether you're looking to improve your health, increase your income or get more done each day it all starts with the right Mindset.

3X Focus is simply a mindset hack using the power of the Number 3 that's easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

It's the ability to focus on THREE Steps, Actions or Things that will help you gain "traction" towards any goal or problem. The X in 3X Focus represents steps, actions, questions or things which you focus on doing THREE times, or in quantities of THREE.

Sometimes all you need is a little traction and a tiny mindset shift to pull you out of life's ruts. Having 3X Focus gets you in gear.

Unlock the power of 3X Focus with our 3X Focus Productivity System today.
(Includes 68 Page Ebook, 100+ Success Tips and Bonus Guides for one time payment of $9.95)

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Also, check out our free 3X Focus apps and chrome extension below.

To Your 3X Success!

Dan Nickerson

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3X Focus

"I must express my profound appreciation and enthusiasm for this program. In my view, this investment in 3xFocus is fundamentally an investment in my personal growth and development.

The insights and knowledge I've gained are invaluable."

-- Mike Holthuysen

3xFocus Chrome

Chrome Extension

Transform your new tab into a personalized dashboard with 3XFocus, the ultimate startpage extension for organizing your daily online activities efficiently.

Features include:

  • Todo Lists
  • Favorite Links
  • Bookmark Search
  • Web Search
  • Pomodoro Timers
  • Background Music
  • Motivational Images
  • Favorite quotes and more!
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iOS / Android App

Simple task manager with timers and focus music to help you plan your day

There are 3 Main Components to the 3X Focus app.

Time - 3 Minute, 15 Minute and 30 Minute timers for help with meditation, breathing, or pomodoro like focused action.

Task - A simple task list to brainstorm 3X Focus tasks, plan your day, or just make a grocery list. Use color codes to organize task, and re-use completed tasks.

Flow - Background noises, focus & healing frequency music to get you into a Flow state of mind. White noise, pink noise, brown noise and more.

And a Bonus component.

Know - This is our knowledgebase and productivity blog where you can get 3x Focus ideas and success tips.

Whether you're trying to better your health, improve relationships, build your business or achieve any other goal, the 3X Focus App can help.

We also have a daily success and business building nugget on our home screen each day.

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3xFocus App
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